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 Mortgage rates

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Rates are updated weekly.

Loan Type and Term Interest Rate APR Points Assumptions Down Payment Last Updated
Conventional Fixed 30 year Term 5.500% 5.615% N/A 1 n/a 06/26/09
Conventional Fixed 15 year Term 4.75% 5.073% N/A 2 n/a 06/26/09
3/1 Adjustable Rate 30-year term 5.750% 5.870% N/A 2 n/a 06/26/09
5/1 Adjustable Rate 30-year term 5.875% 5.996% N/A 2 n/a 06/26/09
VA Fixed 30-year term 6.000% 6.301% N/A 3 n/a 06/26/09
VA Fixed 15-year term 5.500% 5.994% N/A 3 n/a 06/26/09
(1) Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a term used in the Truth-In-Lending Act to represent the percentage rate relationship of the total finance charge to the amount of the loan. The APR reflects the cost of your mortgage loan as a yearly rate. It will be higher than the interest rate stated on the note because it included, in addition to the interest rate, any loan discount points and other prepaid finance charges. (2) Assumes 20% down payment or 80% loan-to-value (LTV): no mortgage insurance. Lower down payment loans are available up to 97% LTV. (3) Assumes a first time or multiple use of VA, full VA eligibility and included VA funding fee 100% to 103% LTV.

Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Credit is subject to approval.
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